Are professional resume writing and career services worth the cost?


At Employment BOOST, our emphasis and beliefs center around how you cannot be a good resume writer without understanding how hiring happens within a company. Likewise, you cannot be a great interviewer or career coach without knowing that as well. Our prices reflect the delivery of our services along with utilizing resources from the group of companies in our portfolio including executive search, recruiting, human capital consulting, and outplacement services.

For resume services, our prices are somewhere in the middle of the market with some of our premium services being priced slightly higher. To keep prices affordable, we limit the amount of onsite visits and have a great email and phone process that achieves the same results. For certain situations we do offer onsite meetings at select locations.

Investing In Yourself

In our industry, most firms often get asked why resume and coaching services cost so much. When you break it down, it often costs $125 to drop your car off for a diagnosis or it can cost as much as $150 for a plumber to show up at your home. When you look at the resume service and career coaching industry, we are often compiled of degreed professionals, often with graduate degrees, certifications, or other business training. When you break that down, the value you get for having a professional resume writer develop your resume plus consulting with other employment services professionals and executives, our cost is actually pretty reasonable.

If you look at the Life Time Value of great careers services, it makes a tremendous difference on your career trajectory. Let’s look below for a quick outline.

Average Resume Service Cost $250
Average LinkedIn Profile Service $99
Average Interview Services Cost $250

Total Investment $599

If you land a job paying $1000 more annually because your resume and or LinkedIn profile helped you land an interview and your new interview skills helped you secure a job offer, your ROI will be covered within about 7 months.

And if you stay at that job for 3 years, the $599 you spent ends up being one of the best investments you have ever made!


There are so many factors that go into a positive return on investment when it comes to providing outplacement services to staff members during workforce reductions. Protecting the brand, reducing unemployment insurance costs, boosting employee morale, and a host of other factors go into justifying the costs of outplacement services.

When it comes to looking after your transitioning employees, clients trust Employment BOOST Outplacement Programs to ensure their employees receive:

  • One on one resume writing and career document support with Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW)
  • One on one career coaching (interview skills, job search strategies, and mock interview practice)
  • Tailored personal branding analysis and solutions for maximum visibility
  • Professional biographies written by Certified Professional Resume Writers