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Cover Letter

A Customized Cover Letter Boosts Your Resume's Performance


  • Custom Cover Letter: Tailored to your career goals and achievements
  • Option for Targeting: You can choose to target your cover letter towards a specific role
  • Resume Boost: A cover letter serves as a complement to your resume
  • Usage Best Practices: We show you how to use your new cover letter correctly!

LinkedIn Profile Development

Ensure Your LinkedIn Profile Matches Your Resume for Professionalism


  • An Updated LinkedIn Profile Development to Match Your Resume
  • Search Engine Optimization: We ensure your LinkedIn Profile is SEO-Optimized for maximum effectiveness
  • Groups & Companies: Our research group identifies a list of groups and companies to help you start networking online

Personalized Pitch Letter Service

Best for Professionals Looking for a More Comprehensive Cover Letter


  • Customized Pitch Letter: Tailored toward your unique career objectives
  • How to Use: Best used when pursuing leads or other opportunities that require a more comprehensive approach than a Cover Letter
  • Personalized Instruction: We provide instruction based on your objectives on how to best use the Pitch Letter

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What's Included With Your Service?

Cover Letters

Leveraging your existing resume, our Professional Resume Writers will craft either a customizable or tailored cover letter tailored to your desired career objectives. Whether there is a specific role that you are looking to apply for, or you are looking for a cover letter that can be applied to several locations, our Professional Writing team is equipped to help.

LinkedIn Profile

Hiring Managers and HR Professionals will often cross-reference a candidate's resume with his or her LinkedIn profile to make sure the information matches and there are no red flags. Our Professional Resume Writers will update your LinkedIn Profile to match your most up-to-date resume, and then our In-House Research Group will identify pertinent companies and groups to help establish your networking base on the Professional Social Network.

Pitch Letters

An alternative to the Standard Cover Letter, a Pitch Letter is a more thorough representation of your experience, accomplishments, and skillset. Pitch Letters are excellent for individuals who do not have a concrete idea of what they want to pursue yet, but want to build a biographical document that explains the value they would bring to an organization.


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executive resume writing services reviews employment boost
executive resume writing services reviews employment boost