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Our resume guarantee extends far beyond the typical guaranteed resume writing services you see some of the smaller and lesser known resume writers offer. The resume writing and career planning industry has a lot of great writers and firms. But our industry also has a lot of single desk writers that don’t understand how the employment markets work, what hiring managers are seeking, and what the executive hiring committee is really looking for so its hard for them to offer a real guarantee.

*Many of our competitors offer to rewrite your resume if you don’t get a job from their resume services which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense if you think about it*

And that bothers us, because that is the same as saying that they didn’t do a good job the first time.

Employment BOOST is different than many of the other guaranteed resume writing firms out there as we:

“Do it right the first time!”

Why Buy Our Guaranteed Resume Writing Services?

As part of a holding company with more than a dozen brands encompassing recruiting, executive search, outplacement, and human capital consulting, our firm really understands the game of getting hired.

You need a great resume as hiring managers often see hundreds of resumes per job opening. That great resume combined with a good education, great tenure, and good experience will certainly get you an interview.

But a great resume with poor tenure, experience, and education will only get you so far.

Likewise, at some point a great resume only goes so far as well, so you need to understand how job searching works in today’s world. And because we are the experts in the employment markets, trends and hiring, we can offer a industry leading resume writing guarantee.

We are so confident that our top resume service doesn’t need to rewrite your resume that we guarantee you’ll land a job interview within 3 months of using our resume services or we will offer you a complimentary Job Search Advice Session or Interview Classics Package ($149+ Value*).

If you have hired a great resume writer and still do not get calls back, it likely isn’t your resume! This is where you need our Job Search Advice Package to find out what is going wrong with your job search.

If you are applying to appropriate jobs with the exact resume that we finalized and are getting interviews but no offers, something is going wrong with your interviewing skills and we want to fix it. As a leader in resume writing, coaching, and career planning, our main goal is to help you secure a better job and a better future.

Guaranteed Resume Writing Service Questions

Why not offer to rewrite the resume if I don’t land a job?

While other services do this, it really is an easy thing to offer and it doesn’t mean that it will help you get a job. We also feel that if you have to rewrite the resume, it wasn’t written correctly the first time and with our drafting process going through 2-3-5 different drafts, we do it right the first time.

All of our writers are degreed professionals, they are all in-house writers that work for us directly full time, they are certified resume writers or in the process of becoming certified so we feel confident in offering this amazing guarantee.

They also go through employment market training including internal and external interviewing, recruiting, and understand recruitment processes within corporations. Employment BOOST understands that resumes are not about literary mastery, but rather a fine mixture of journalism, marketing, and leveraging knowledge of how hiring processes work.

Why offer Interview Coaching as your Guarantee?

For those that have used our resume services and have not landed a job, we dug in and decided to figure out why. Come to find out, it wasn’t the resume. Sometimes they have difficult backgrounds such as significant job hopping that no resume can overcome as your past is your past and we cannot change that. But what we’ve come to find out, is that many of these individuals are landing interviews but then simply blowing them.

If you are getting 5 interviews and not getting 1-2 job offers or invitations for second interviews, you need to work on your interviewing skills. And Employment BOOST is smart enough to know that we want you talking about our resume services and how it helped you land a job, so we want to do everything we can do help you get that job. Interviewing skills are actually far more important than your resume. The resume gets you a shot at your dream job then you lose it all because of your interview skills, and we want to help with that.

And the Interview Classics Coaching Session will be completely free?

Yes! That is how our amazing guaranteed resume writing services work. And here is the bonus for our customers: if you don’t land a job in 3 months of using our resume services we will offer you this additional service at no charge. Our competitors offer a rewrite, so they toss it to a writer, rework some content, and throw it back to you. At Employment BOOST, we are going to put some skin in the game and offer you an additional service so you see that we will reach into our pockets to back our view that Employment BOOST Resume Services are done correctly the first time.

Our company focus is to help you get a new job, a better job, to help with upward mobility, fight ageism on both sides, and do everything we can to help you be successful.

*Must be using the original resume we finalized. If you made changes to your final resume you have likely removed some of the things we do that work for applicant tracking systems, HR screeners along with many other key metrics. 

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