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LinkedIn Profile Development Service

As a leading professional career services firm, we fully understand the importance of having an attractive, SEO-optimized LinkedIn Profile to enhance your networking efforts and continue the upward mobility of your career. As a division of JMJ Phillip Group, our Career Services Managers understand every modern LinkedIn Profile best practice to ensure your profile makes you a Top 1% candidate in your industry.

What Our LinkedIn Profile Development Service Offers

  • Complete bespoke LinkedIn profile development
  • Search engine optimized for organic search and visibility
  • Headline maximization with focused SEO keywords
  • LinkedIn Professional Summary to help sell yourself
  • Specialties keyword targeted to encourage expert status
  • Visual Accomplishments curated and uploaded
  • Note influencers, companies, and groups to follow
  • Photo selection targeted by industry

Why Hire An Expert Professional Profile Writer ?

You are a busy professional working on developing a career for yourself, acquiring the skills and expertise that will lead you to the top of your field but do not have the time to spend on creating a professional LinkedIn profile to reflect your achievements and accomplishments.

At Employment BOOST, we tap into our internal research department to analyze your profile against candidates in your industry, ensuring your professional profile is optimized for search engines. This means your profile will rise to the top of the hiring manager's list of candidates. As an ambitious professional, you cannot afford to be invisible in today's modern world, and with a LinkedIn profile developed by our Career Services Managers, you will not have to.

How Our Professional Biography Service Works

With more than a decade of experience in professional career services, our research has shown that the best candidates for our professional biography services are those with unique job searches, candidates with website portfolios, and authors preparing for book releases.

No one understands your career better than you do, and by working closely with our Certified Resume Writers, you are ensuring that your single page professional biography will reflect you and your career accomplishments in the best way possible.

When Do You Need A Cover Letter?

A cover letter gives your resume package a boost, shows interest to the employer, and gives your resume a personality in your absence. This is your personal pitch to the employer explaining why their company would benefit from your employment and why you want to work for them.

Our Cover Letter Service is an easy, collaborative process with one of our Certified Resume Writers. If you want to tailor a cover letter to a particular position, we can do that. On the other hand, we can also provide you with a customizable cover letter for your use across several positions.



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