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90 Day Guarantee

Our industry-leading guarantee means if you don’t receive an interview with our documents – we’ll make it right.

Resume Tailored To Job

We make sure your resume makes you look like the perfect candidate for the job you want.

Proven Resume Style

Our resumes are designed so that they are optimized for technology (ATS) and a hiring manager’s eye test.

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Certified Resume Writers

All our writers are Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW) and graduates of top universities.

Expert Career Coaches

All our coaches are Professional Career Coaches with real experience in HR and hiring.

Recruiter Review

Your resume passes through a comprehensive check by recruiters, so you know you’ve passed the eye test.



Fast Turnaround Times

With standard service, get your resume draft 3-5 business days after your content development meeting. 

Cover Letter Included

Receive a customizable cover letter designed for you – and we’ll show you how to use it properly!

In-Depth Revision Periods

Work closely with your writers perfect your resume – and get smaller tweaks made throughout your support period.

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Job Search Coaching

Work with our coaches to learn exactly how to maximize your job search to land the opportunities you want.

Interview Coaching

Work with our coaches to learn exactly how to maximize your job search to land the opportunities you want.

Company Leads

Get direct contact information to highly-targeted companies, provided by our in-house research group.

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Our Executive Resume Writing & Coaching Services Are For Leaders On The Rise

Employment BOOST’s career services are ideal for both burgeoning professional and established executives—whether you’re ascending into senior management, charting strategy from the C-Suite, or getting started at the associate level, our executive resume and coaching packages will prepare you for the inevitable ups and downs of professional life. For more than 20 years, we’ve been trusted by CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CDOs, CXOs, CHROs, CMOs, CIOs, SVPs, and VPs to deliver prodigious career services that allow our clients to attain their most ambitious goals. Tap into our unmatched synergies when you collaborate with our expert executive resume writers and Professional Career Coaches; their cutting-edge proficiencies in executive recruiting give you a consummate career service experience. Whether you’re looking to obtain a dream job at a Fortune 500 organization or plotting your next move at your current firm, no other career services company on the market packages up our pragmatic and effectual blend of expert executive resume writers, qualified search consultants, and industry-leading market researchers to dispense a top-class executive-level resume and coaching service tailored directly to you. The reality is that our proven resume writing and coaching services work! Our clients have ended up at renowned companies such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, IBM, Facebook, Tesla, GE, and Ford, to name a few. Every industry has its major players. In oil and gas, job candidates usually point to Exxon, Shell, Chevron, and BP. In automotive, the firms to beat include Toyota, Volkswagen, Honda, Daimler, and General Motors (GM). In technology, leaders such as Apple, Microsoft, Tencent, Adobe, IBM, SAP, Intel, and Accenture shape the market. Some of the world’s largest employers comprise Samsung, Foxconn, Cardinal Health, SAIC Motor, BMW, Bosch, Siemens, and Nestle. The list goes on and on. Regardless of the industry or sector you hope to lead, chances are we’ve already helped someone get there.

Why Hire An Executive Resume Writer?

Securing executive-level positions demands more than just experience and skills; it requires a compelling executive resume that sets you apart.

This is where hiring an expert “executive resume writer” becomes invaluable. Our team of expert executive resume writers and coaches specialize in crafting resumes tailored specifically to the needs of senior-level executives, providing a distinct advantage in the job search process.

Our executive resume writers possess a deep understanding of industry trends, recruitment practices, and the unique expectations of executive recruiters. They can showcase your achievements, leadership skills, and strategic vision in a way that captivates prospective employers. By carefully selecting keywords and formatting your resume for applicant tracking systems (ATS), they ensure that your document passes through the initial screening, increasing your chances of landing interviews.

An executive resume writer, like our top-rated Employment BOOST writers, can offer a fresh perspective on your career narrative, highlighting your strengths and mitigating potential weaknesses. They bring out your personal brand and align it with the expectations of the industry. Ultimately, investing in an executive resume writer is an investment in your professional future, as their expertise can significantly enhance your chances of landing that coveted executive role in a highly competitive job market. Don’t leave your career to chance; let an executive resume writer help you shine on paper and secure your next career milestone.

How Much Should An Executive Resume Writer Cost?

Determining how much an executive resume writing service should cost can vary based on several factors. It’s crucial to consider the level of expertise and reputation of the executive resume writer, the complexity of your executive background, and the specific services you require.

While prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, it’s essential to focus on the value you receive. Investing in a reputable executive resume writer can yield significant returns by opening doors to high-paying executive positions. The cost should align with the quality and tailored approach you receive, ensuring your investment sets you on a successful career path.

What Are The Top 15 Cities With The Highest Executive Pay?

In the world of executive compensation, several cities in the United States stand out for their exceptionally high executive pay packages.

These cities include San Francisco, New York City, San Jose, Stamford, and Bridgeport, known for hosting major corporations and tech giants. Boston, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Seattle also make the list due to their thriving business ecosystems. Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, and Philadelphia complete the roster with their diverse industries and strong job markets.

Executives in these cities often enjoy lucrative compensation packages, reflecting the economic and corporate influence these urban centers hold in the professional world.

Why Should You Not Use ChatGPT To Write Your Executive Resume?

Using ChatGPT or similar AI for resume writing has limitations. Firstly, AI lacks the personal touch needed for a compelling resume. It generates generic content, often missing your unique skills and personality. Additionally, it can’t understand your career nuances or aspirations, leading to potential omissions.

Human resume writers offer industry-specific expertise, customization, and adaptability, tailoring resumes to your field and the specific job you’re targeting. They can adapt your resume for various applications, ensuring it aligns with each job’s requirements.

Human writers can effectively proofread, edit, and use strong communication skills to create polished, error-free resumes. AI might miss subtleties and nuances, leaving room for errors.

So, while AI can assist with content generation, consulting a professional human resume writer is essential for personalized, effective resumes that resonate with employers and meet industry standards. AI can complement this process but should not replace the expertise and personalization that human writers provide.

Types Of Positions Have Our Executive Clients Are Applying For?

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
Chief Brand Officer (CBO)
Chief Business Development Officer
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
Chief Content Officer (CCO)
Chief Designer
Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
Chief Diversity Officer (CDO)
Chief Experience Officer (CXO)
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Chief Human Resources Officer
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Chief Information Security Officer
Chief Innovation Officer (CINO)
Chief Investment Officer (CIO)
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Chief People Officer (CPO)
Chief Procurement Officer (CPO)

Chief Strategic Officer (CSO)
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO)
Head of Business Development
Head of Customer Service
Head of Client Success
Head of Sustainability
Head of Privacy
Head of Innovation
Head of Diversity & Inclusion

What Industries Do Our Executive-Level Clients Work In?

Broadcast Media
Capital Markets

Civil Engineering
Commercial Real Estate
Computer Sector
Consumer Electronics
Consumer Goods
Consumer Services
Education Management

Electronic Manufacturing
Environmental Services
Events Services
Executive Office
Financial Services
Forest Products

Government Administration
Hospital/Health Care
Human Resources
Industrial Automation
Information Technology

International Affairs
Law Enforcement
Legal Services
Legislative Office
Luxury Goods
Management Consulting
Market Research

Mechanical Engineering
Public Relations

Publishing Industry
Real Estate/Mortgage
Research Industry
Retail Industry
Sporting Goods


A guide and continuous reference for all things relating to your online presence and how to maintain it.

Receive a comprehensive audit of your online presence and elevate your brand with a published thought leadership article and accompanying press release.

Are your upcoming interviews making you nervous? Partner with a Certified Professional Career Coach to prepare with a targeted mock interview session that emulates your real-world interviews as closely as possible.

Cut through red tape with a list of job leads curated by our in-house research team. Receive a personalized list of open roles and hiring manager contact information to improve your chances of landing an interview.

Create a tailored job search strategy with advice and job market insights from a Certified Professional Career Coach. Take on your search with confidence after discussing topics like ATS optimization and professional networking.

Sharpen your interview skills with an hour of dedicated interview preparation coaching. Work with a Certified Professional Career Coach to build an elevator pitch, practice behavioral and situational responses, and brainstorm key questions to ask your interviewer.

Add on your choice of a one-on-one coaching session with our Certified Professional Career Coach to help you best prepare for any aspect of your upcoming interview. Coaching sessions are 45 to 60 minutes in length and cover topics that are custom to your unique job searching situation.

Add on your choice of a one-on-one job search coaching session with our Certified Professional Career Coach to help you best prepare for your upcoming job search. Learn the best practices around where to put your resume for maximum visibility and how to best position your resume for the most valuable callbacks from employers.

Get a 12-month subscription ($180 value) to Careerology, the leading video content platform dedicated to helping professionals achieve their career goals.

Careerology is the professional development and career success platform for the ambitious.

Whether you’re looking for your next great job opportunity, looking to climb the ladder at your current company, and pursuing entrepreneurship by starting your own firm, our team of Career Coaches and Business Experts are here to help.

With new content released every day, Careerology is the hub for all your professional learning and success.

LinkedIn is the #1 place headhunters go to find you. With a LinkedIn Development upgrade, we will update your profile with your new resume information, keyword optimize, and assist with your photo selection and editing if needed.

Please Note: 24 and 48 Hour Resume Rush Service speeds up the time of delivery after your intake session. The sooner you schedule your intake session, the faster you will receive your documents. Rush is only available for the resume writing portion of your package and only applies to business hours.

Intake sessions take place during normal business hours Monday-Friday.

Available intake times will be highlighted post-purchase. If you cannot find a suitable time, call us immediately after your purchase.