In today’s competitive economy, workforce changes are inevitable, which has you searching for corporate outplacement services. When it is time to make a transition with your workforce, alleviate some of the risk by partnering with Employment BOOST and our outplacement services specialists.

Backed by JMJ Phillip Holdings and the company’s umbrella of 12 recruiting and career service brands, Employment BOOST provides modern career transition and outplacement services that assist transitioning employees in finding the best next step in their careers.

"I wanted to make sure my resume was up to date so if an opportunity presented itself I would be ready. Using Employment BOOST was the best decision I could have made! The entire process was very simple, professional, and complete! He made sure that I was happy with everything, every step along the way. The product I ended up with was so much better than what I started with and I am confident it is the best representation of me. This service is well worth it, and I would recommend it to anyone!." -- Courtney H. on Google
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Outplacement Services With Abilities Like No Other

With a full suite of outplacement services, including resumes, digital portfolio development, LinkedIn services, and career coaching, our resources at Employment BOOST enable departing employees to feel confident and assured that their transition to a new role will be easy and effective.

Employment BOOST has the experience, knowledge, expertise and capacity to support your company whether you are looking to terminate one employee, or need to pursue mass restructuring and organizational change.

Our Clients

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Our Corporate Outplacement Services Platform

  • Emphasis on modern resumes and career plans
  • Technology centric and understand the "new world"
  • Strategic and Motivational Life & Career Coaching
  • Active Marketing of our clients through our recruiting companies
  • Outplacement Services designed for tomorrow, executed today

Our Corporate Outplacement Specialties


As a division of JMJ Phillip Group, our outplacement services are backed by more than 15 years of experience in specialty and executive-level recruiting expertise. With extension knowledge of modern job market trends, our outplacement services are backed the career wisdom obtained by a dozen recruiting and career consulting brands.


With more than a decade of experience helping job seekers and employees in transition find bigger, better roles, we have developed an acumen for the art of networking. At the core of the modern-day job transition, and of the utmost importance with effective outplacement services, is the ability to leverage personal and professional networks. Networking, in the modern sense of the word, is an acquired skill and one that we focus heavily on with our outplacement services.

Our Expert Corporate Outplacement Advantage

Certified Professional Resume Writers

A high-quality resume is the foundation for effective outplacement services. Our in-house team of degreed, Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW) crafts each and every resume that leaves our offices. Every client is assigned a CPRW with extensive experience constructing and writing resumes that make the transition into a new role easier.

Outplacement Career Coaching

Employees that are transitioning into a new phase of their employment can sometimes lose track of the overarching purpose of their careers. Our corporate outplacement services refine a candidate's approach and make the transition to a new role purpose-driven and effective. Our expert career coaches utilize a data-driven, technologically-advanced method to show transitioning employees their career trajectories and how different decisions will impact them both professional and financially.

Our Corporate Outplacement Services Approach

Leadership Transitions

Whether your firm needs to assist an entire division of employees, or just one high-ranking executive, our outplacement specialists have knowledge and experience transitioning all levels of employees. When it comes to leadership transitions, we're experts at ensuring both your firm, and the employee being moved, is comfortable and business is not affected.

Technology-Based Approach

As a firm built on utilizing the latest technology, our outplacement services capitalize on every technology advancement in the market to help make the transition period for employees and companies, like yours, as smooth as possible. We're experts at leveraging management and consulting tools to provide analytics during every stage of the outplacement process, and can show employees exactly how their next decision will affect their career trajectory.





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