Outplacement Workshops & Seminars

Outplacement workshops and seminars are designed to provide transitioning employees at your organization with the knowledge and tools to move into the next phase of their careers as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Conducting Layoffs?

Give us a call at (888) 468-6495 to speak with an Employment BOOST Outplacement Specialist who can help you put together an effective outplacement workshop and seminar program for your displaced employees.

The Benefits of Outplacement Workshops

Save Money

Outplacement Workshops and Seminars allow you to save significant money by purchasing a limited number of group presentations for multiple displaced employees.

Save Time

During times of layoffs affecting multiple displaced employees, outplacement workshops save your organization time by providing an open forum for questions and knowledge.

On-Site Engagement

Traditional outplacement programs rarely allow for face-to-face interaction between displaced employees and career services experts. Workshops allow for increased one-on-one interaction.

Protect Your Employer Brand

Providing your displaced employees with outplacement services is a key aspect of a successful job transition. During times of large-scale layoffs, displaced employees can become unhappy or irritatated with the unfortunate circumstances that lie ahead. Outplacement workshops allow your organization to protect the employer brand you have worked hard to achieve and maintain.

In a world of online reviews and real-world manifestations of digital reputation, protecting your employer brand and reputation could be the difference between future hiring success, talent acquisition, and long-term harm. Our team of Certified Professional Resume Writers, Career Coaches, and Career Services Experts has the ability and expertise to provide your displaced employees with the tools to be successful during the upcoming job search.

By setting up outplacement workshops and seminars for your displaced employees, you are not only protecting your employer brand by providing your employees with value-added services, but you are giving your employees a tangible, effective skillset to expedite their job search through industry-specific resume writing, digital branding, job search advice, and interview coaching services.

Our Skills & Expertise

As the leading professional career services firm, we thoroughly understand the importance of helping your displaced staff navigate the opportunities and pitfalls of the modern job search.

Whether you want to help your employees with resume writing, personal branding, or modern job search techniques, our firm is equipped to handle your organization’s unique outplacement workshop requirements.

Workshop Topics

Resume Writing

Led by industry-best Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW), our team is uniquely positioned to provide best-in-class resume writing workshops detailing best practices and techniques to create a top-quality professional resume that is both search engine (SEO) and applicant tracking system (ATS) optimized for the modern job market.

LinkedIn Profile Development

In today’s digital age, it is key to understand how to maximize use of social tools, such as LinkedIn, to boost your professional profile. Whether your audience is looking to develop a stronger LinkedIn profile to enhance their networking capabilities online, or is looking for tips and tricks on how to navigate the platform, our team of CPRWs is equipped to handle any requirement.

Modern Job Search Advice

The employment landscape is constantly shifting, and the introduction of technological advancements in the hiring process means it can be tough to stay up-to-date on the best practices and methodologies that ensure job hunting success. If your audience is in need of modern job search advice, our team of CPRWs and Career Coaches utilizes best-in-class research to provide insights and tips to optimize your audience’s approach to the contemporary job application.

A guide and continuous reference for all things relating to your online presence and how to maintain it.

Receive a comprehensive audit of your online presence and elevate your brand with a published thought leadership article and accompanying press release.

Are your upcoming interviews making you nervous? Partner with a Certified Professional Career Coach to prepare with a targeted mock interview session that emulates your real-world interviews as closely as possible.

Cut through red tape with a list of job leads curated by our in-house research team. Receive a personalized list of open roles and hiring manager contact information to improve your chances of landing an interview.

Create a tailored job search strategy with advice and job market insights from a Certified Professional Career Coach. Take on your search with confidence after discussing topics like ATS optimization and professional networking.

Sharpen your interview skills with an hour of dedicated interview preparation coaching. Work with a Certified Professional Career Coach to build an elevator pitch, practice behavioral and situational responses, and brainstorm key questions to ask your interviewer.

Add on your choice of a one-on-one coaching session with our Certified Professional Career Coach to help you best prepare for any aspect of your upcoming interview. Coaching sessions are 45 to 60 minutes in length and cover topics that are custom to your unique job searching situation.

Add on your choice of a one-on-one job search coaching session with our Certified Professional Career Coach to help you best prepare for your upcoming job search. Learn the best practices around where to put your resume for maximum visibility and how to best position your resume for the most valuable callbacks from employers.

Get a 12-month subscription ($180 value) to Careerology, the leading video content platform dedicated to helping professionals achieve their career goals.

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Whether you’re looking for your next great job opportunity, looking to climb the ladder at your current company, and pursuing entrepreneurship by starting your own firm, our team of Career Coaches and Business Experts are here to help.

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LinkedIn is the #1 place headhunters go to find you. With a LinkedIn Development upgrade, we will update your profile with your new resume information, keyword optimize, and assist with your photo selection and editing if needed.

Please Note: 24 and 48 Hour Resume Rush Service speeds up the time of delivery after your intake session. The sooner you schedule your intake session, the faster you will receive your documents. Rush is only available for the resume writing portion of your package and only applies to business hours.

Intake sessions take place during normal business hours Monday-Friday.

Available intake times will be highlighted post-purchase. If you cannot find a suitable time, call us immediately after your purchase.