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Send us your resume to receive a no strings attached CV or resume review from one of our best professional resume writers and you will receive a Resume Service Coupon Code with your free resume review and evaluation.

We review, evaluate, and score your resume based on The 5 Key Metrics of a great resume.

Professional Resume Review performed by a career services professional, we do not use automated software. Real review by real people with a fast turnaround for all of resume evaluations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Our Free Resume Review Service

When you are looking to see how good your resume is and how it stacks up against the competition, it is a great idea to utilize a free resume review service or free resume checker.

The Employment BOOST Free Resume Evaluation service leverages our team of Certified Professional Resume Writers to provide you with a comprehensive free resume critique that includes grades and scores across 5 key elements of a great professional resume.

After submitting your resume for a free resume review, you will receive an email with our professional resume writers’ critique within 1 or 2 business days with suggestions on how to improve your resume for an upcoming job search.

With more than 15 years of experience in professional resume writing and career services – and with the backing of more than half a dozen executive search and recruiting brands – we know what we’re talking about when it comes to resume writing best practices and navigating the modern job search.

With our free resume evaluation and free resume critique you will get a grade from A to N/A as determined by our professional resume writing team for each of the 5 key elements of a great resume.

It is from our experience that companies that offer free instant resume reviews are just using robots and technology to assess how good your resume is.

This does not work and is not the best way to get a good resume analysis of where your resume stands.

Because our team of Certified Professional Resume Writers prepares a tailored resume analysis for each and every submissions that comes through our website, our free resume critique process takes about 1 or 2 business days.

As a result, you will get a more accurate and thoughtful free resume evaluation of your resume which will be useful for you going forward.

That depends on the type of company that you submit your resume to and get your free resume evaluation from.

We can’t speak for other resume writing companies out there, but Employment BOOST has nearly two decades of professional resume writing and career services experience.

Also, Employment BOOST is part of a holdings company of executive search, recruiting, headhunting, market research and marketing companies so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to job searching and making yourself an attractive job candidate on the market.

While it is important to understand where your resume stacks up against the competition – especially in this ever-competitive job market – the most important part of using a free resume review and free resume evaluation service is learning from the findings, deciding whether you want to work with a professional resume writing company to better your resume, and making sure you stand out from the competition.

While there are many different resume writing and career services companies out there, the most important aspect of a great resume writing company – as with any service – is pedigree and background.

Customers often look for resume writing services near them (by searching professional resume services near me or resume writing services near me) which is a good idea if you want to work with a local resume writing service, but the most important thing is to be comfortable with your professional resume writer.

Check resume writing company reviews to get a sense of whether the resume writer you are thinking of working with is reputable.

Larger resume writing companies, like Employment BOOST, have the resources and experience working with customers all over the world – so proximity is not so much an issue.

Employment Boost Resume Writing Services Are Trusted By

Why Our Resume Evaluation, Scorecard And Review Is The Best

Our industry-leading resume evaluation is delivered by a professional resume writer. Employment BOOST offers a free resume review to thousands of job seekers in need every month. Our resume evaluation and scorecard will help you find out where your resume needs improvement. 8 out of 10 resumes that we review are not competitive in today’s job market which explains why you may be having such a hard time finding a new job.

Key Resume Review & Evaluation Fact

In fact, 8 out of 10 resumes we review don’t even meet the basic standards of the PARW.

On a consistent basis, we evaluate and review resumes with too many or too few words, resumes that are significantly too long, have poorly written sentences, no professional or executive summary, and have very little search engine optimization for resume databases.

How Your Free Resume Review Is Determined

Resume Summary

When evaluating a resume summary, our team of professional and executive resume writers are looking to make sure your resume includes a balance of appropriate SEO resume keyterms and professional attributes that help you stand out from other job applicants. Additionally, our Certified Professional Resume Writers are looking to make sure your resume actually includes a professional summary, as opposed to a resume objective statement. Do people still use resume objective statements? The answer should be no. Real estate on a professional resume is limited, so using the top of your resume for a professional resume summary is a far more effective and efficient use of space. When crafting your professional summary, make sure to showcase your hard and soft skills, as well as some keywords specific to the kinds of positions you want to pursue.

Resume Content

When it comes to your resume content, and what kind of resume content you should use, our team of professional resume writers are looking for a combination of clarity, quantitative information, and utilization of appropriate language. In conjunction with our in-house research group and partner recruiting firms, we have found that resume content constructed in the format of a situation, action, and result, is the most effective – both for applicant tracking systems and hiring managers. Constructing your resume content in bullet form and using the situation, action, and result equation is the best way to ensure your resume stands out in a pool of job applicants.

Resume SEO Value

Making sure your resume is optimized for search engines (SEO) is very important in today’s digital world. All resumes nowadays go through an applicant tracking system (ATS) before landing on a hiring manager’s desk, so it is crucial to make sure your resume includes all the appropriate key terms and words needed to beat the computer. Does my resume have all the SEO key terms needed? Good question. Our team of professional resume writers will determine this on your free resume evaluation and free resume review.

Resume Word Count

Your resume must have enough content and word count in order for it to be optimized for applicant tracking systems (ATS) and search engines (SEO). Having been in the professional resume writing and career services space for more than a decade, our team has worked closely with our in-house research group and partner recruiters to determine the optimal word count per page on a resume. Our team of expert resume writers will provide feedback on whether your resume reaches this number in your free resume review.

Resume Formatting & Resume Layout

The ideal resume formatting is very important. While it may look nice to include charts and photos on your resume, a computer cannot read these resume elements (yet) and so it is always best to use a simple resume format that allows your experience and accomplishments to speak for themselves. How is my resume formatting? Another great question. Our team of resume writers will provide feedback on your resume formatting and resume layout.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Jane S.
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Employment BOOST is very helpful. I was impressed with how they demonstrated and illustrated my expertise and accomplishments. I highly recommend this company.
Lorraine M.
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What a great experience! I worked with Employment BOOST to write my resume in a professional manner and they delivered!
Krystal M.
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I don't think I can say enough about Employment BOOST! They help me start the career of my dreams!!
Deanne B.
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I am so grateful for this help and would highly recommend this company to anyone who is in search of a job.
Latonia F.
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I don't think one should have to be interviewed, when he or she has an EXCELLENT resume! That's just my opinion!
Chris M.
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I worked with Sally and team and they did a great job with my resume and additional work. They were super responsive and had great input on enhancing the content and look of my resume. I highly recommend them!

Want to find out where your resume scores?

Free Resume Evaluation & Review Promise

Employment BOOST makes the promise that you will receive a fair and honest opinion on your resume through our hands on resume evaluation. What do you have to lose? Try out our free resume review and you can make the edits yourself that we promise or partner with us to update your resume.

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