About Employment BOOST

Resume Writing • Career Planning • Interview Coaching • Outplacement Services

Our Mission

We enjoy working with clients who understand the great value in doing things the right way. While many resume writing service firms outsource their resume writing overseas, our entire resume writing and career services teams are located in the United States.

Key Facts About Our Resume Writers

Certified Professional Resume Writers

All of our top resume writers are Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW)

Top College Degrees

All of our resume writers have Bachelor's degrees from top colleges

In-House Team

All of our resume writers work for Employment BOOST full-time, at our offices. We do not use contractors, freelancers, or people overseas. We are a 100% full-service career-focused company.

Real Human Resources Experience

All of our resume writers are trained in recruiting, interviewing and job searching processes through our recruiting companies.

Continuous Education On Industry Trends

All of our resume writers continue their education in business, careers and technology through case studies, graduate degrees and beyond.

Our Goal

At Employment BOOST our goal is to assist career seekers by creating high-impact resumes and offering real-time, forward-thinking career services that allow individuals to take their careers to the next level.

Our core focus is to provide high-level resume writing and career services that have a measurable impact on your job search and match your ideal career outcome. This includes making constant changes to stay ahead of an ever-fluctuating market, understanding how hiring managers make decisions, and leveraging trending business styles.

A Full Suite of Career Knowledge

Employment BOOST is a division of Heavy Hitter Holdings, a world-renowned holding company with more than a dozen companies encompassing all levels of B2C and B2B employment services including:

  • Global Executive Search
  • Local and National Recruiting
  • Human Capital Consulting
  • Outplacement Services
  • Career Services
  • Research

For 15+ years Employment BOOST has been the leader in offering a full suite of career services that many firms cannot match.

“When partnering with Employment BOOST, you have access to an unmatched knowledge base of real-time employment market knowledge that is synergized with our in-house research team. When combined with great writers and career professionals, you receive a level of service that very few firms can offer.”

What Our Customers Are Saying About Employment BOOST Resume Writing Services

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executive resume writing services reviews employment boost
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Our Distinct Advantage


Very few, if any, other professional resume writing service firms can say that they have access to more than a dozen company-owned recruiting firms, human resource consultants, outplacement services and career management professionals.

Our distinct advantage comes from fully understanding real time events within the employment markets. With access to top national executive search consultants, our writers receive the inside track to what hiring managers are seeking.

Employment BOOST uses an in-house resume database that contains hundreds of thousands of resumes in order to compare your resume against your competitors’, so you can feel assured your resume is in the top 1%.

“Writing a resume requires more than selecting adequate words or replicating free templates. From keyword indexing to understanding talent acquisition systems and screeners, job searching in the new economy changes on a daily basis.”

Understanding and leveraging these changes will have a great impact on your career search as the world becomes even more competitive.

Signing up with Employment BOOST gives you a distinct advantage over competing job applicants. Hiring Employment BOOST is an investment in yourself, your career, and your own upward mobility in which you will see a great return on your investment.