Our Resume Writing Process

"They did a great job with my resume and cover letter. We worked via email and the responses were clear and timely. Well worth the money. Very professional and easy to work with. Highly recommend." -- Kim E. on Google
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With Employment BOOST having access to executive recruiters, in-house researchers, search engine experts, and marketing professionals, we have an extremely unique resume service offering. One thing that our founder learned before creating more than a dozen brands in the employment services market is that:

"Resume writing isn't about writing in the classical sense as this isn't literature. It's marketing collateral for an individual person."

From there we have developed a resume writing development process that very few in the world can offer. It combines highly educated, degreed professionals whom are great at writing with all of the resources from our holding company.

Our process uses real-time employment market insights to create the most effective resume money can buy.

Here is how most of our resume writing services processes work:

  • You purchase and upload your resume if you have one. Then, a phone or email content development session begins to gather your information.
  • Agile resume process begins and resume framework of the resume style is created such as Functional, Chronological or Hybrid Functional-Chrono using a modern resume format and font that we tested with hiring managers and executives to see "who is worth more money to you."
  • Recruiting research team delivers keywords they would search for to find someone like you and that information is integrated into your resume for search engine optimization in databases such as Careerbuilder, Indeed, and The Ladders. This research also helps with Corporate Applicant Tracking Systems where it is tough for your resume to be found and LinkedIn which has basically become the #1 recruiting tool for recruiters and internal human resource departments.
  • Resume is written to help hide any potential issues such as job hopping, lack of experience, or too much experience to combat ageism.
  • Strong emphasis is taken on the professional and executive summary as it is the key to getting interviews. As employment market experts, we know exactly how much time that most hiring managers and executives spend reading a resume and it isn't much; it's actually as little as 15 seconds on average. They read the whole summary but only scan the rest of the resume.
  • We deliver Draft  1, work with you to make changes, and continue doing so for several more drafts/days depending on what service you buy.
  • The resume is finalized and you are off to go land your dream job.



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