American Workers Are Abandoning The “Quiet Quitting” Movement


1. More than eight-in-ten Americans don’t know someone that has “quiet quit” recently.

2. Three out of five respondents would not provide a good reference to a coworker they know has ‘quiet quit’.

3. Nine out of 10 surveyed believe getting career advice from TikTok is a bad idea.

DETROIT, Michigan – November, 2022 – An overwhelming majority (88%) of American workers do not know someone that has “quiet quit” recently, according to a new “Quiet Quitting? Your Co-Workers Know And They Don’t Like It” survey report released today by Employment BOOST, a full-service resume writing, corporate outplacement, and career services company.

According to the survey, six in 10 Americans would not provide a good reference for a co-worker who they know has ‘quiet quit,’ putting a high price on subscribing to the trend as layoffs become an imminent factor in the current job market. The data suggests many original subscribers are abandoning the movement as workers grow more anxious about the economy. “With inflation eating into everybody’s paychecks, workers not pulling their weight to ensure things get done are holding teams back and tarnishing their reputations in the process,” said James Philip, Founder and CEO of Heavy Hitter Holdings and Employment BOOST. “Your coworkers and bosses know you’re quiet quitting and that comes at a cost, unfortunately.”

In a macro-environment of falling productivity, higher wages, falling earnings, and ever-increasing inflation, corporate executives are ringing alarm bells around the concept of quiet quitting – and pointing to its negative externalities.

“While it is popular to promote the virtues of quiet quitting, the reality is that many workers who know that a co-worker has quit are less inclined to view them positively; this is understandable,” said Ryan Miller, Director of Client Success at Employment BOOST. “Quiet quitting or not putting the maximum effort into your job can create more work or problems for your coworkers.”

Survey respondents also indicated that social media platforms are not sufficient places to get career advice, contrary to the noise that quite quitting generated on social media platforms. In fact, 9 in 10 respondents indicated that getting career advice from TikTok is a bad idea.

“A career journey is a highly individualized experience and entrusting that to a stranger on the internet, most likely won’t have a positive outcome,” adds Miller. “While some advice may be completely valid, it’s always best to entrust such a sensitive task to professionals.”

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