Our Training Process

Once you understand that resume writing is not about writing literature and that interviews and career coaching aren't just about being passionate to help others, you start to whittle down which career services firms you want to work with.

Writing a great resume is about having the knowledge on how and why companies hire, and it's understanding that a resume is really just personal marketing and that not everyone has a perfect career and we can help with issues such as lack of experience or ageism.

It's the same with interview coaching and career planning. Most colleges offer a career center free of charge, but you get advice from people that have never sat on the other side of a boardroom table on the 50th floor as a live interview goes down. And how do you take advice on career planning from people who don't understand what is happening in the job markets in real time or don't have the research to back to their data?

To deliver custom services tailored for you, it takes a team spanning many different skill sets including writing, recruiting, research, marketing and a level of modern day business acumen that many cannot match.

How We Train Our Resume Writers and Advisors

  • Trained in professional and executive recruiting to understand what recruiters look for and where
  • Business acumen development through Harvard Business Review case studies and additional readings
  • Marketing and Search Engine Optimization training to understand how your resume will be indexed
  • Every resume writer, interviewing coach, and career advisor sits in on real live interviews to see how resumes are leveraged, mistakes that candidates make, and to help understand the thought process that hiring managers use when hiring.
  • All Employment BOOST professionals sit in on conference calls to hear hiring managers and executives give feedback on resumes and interviews to understand "the game" of getting hired in today's world.

We take career development seriously and have spent over a decade developing our businesses to help our customers get better jobs, climb the ladder faster and have success to help drive personal growth and satisfaction.

When you hire Employment BOOST, you are hiring a career services firm that understands all the different levels of career development and the job markets. You are making an investment in yourself, your career, and your future, so scroll down to the bottom and contact us today to learn more.