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Old Resume, One Year, 76 Applications and NO INTERVIEWS

Client Goal

A client of ours had an excellent experience and a great education but was out of work for more than a year. After applying for 76 job openings and not receiving one interview, it was time to hire a resume service to help design a highly effective and modern resume that did a great job at “selling” the client.

Situations To Overcome

  • Design a modern professional resume for a competitive market
  • Utilize marketing and sales writing techniques to engage hiring managers
  • Condense 4 pages of a great career history into a modern single page design
  • Leverage an in-house search engine optimization team to help the client’s resume index better within corporate applicant tracking systems. When you apply online, most resumes go into large and complex cloud-based applicant tracking systems and are lost “in the black hole” if your resume doesn’t have the right keywords and phrases to be found by internal human resources recruiters and talent acquisition specialists.


Employment BOOST worked with the in-house search engine and marketing teams to condense the resume down to a single page. By using the knowledge from the recruiters and those with experience in hiring and vetting candidates, we were able to design an eye-catching, straight-to- the-point resume that said, “hire me!”

  • Designed an articulate, single page modern professional resume
  • Chose keywords to help with indexing with ATS
  • Displayed the client’s experience in a way that showed all of their amazing experience, education, and qualities
  • Focused heavily on a professional summary that would attract recruiters and human resource screeners


After striking out 76 times, our client was able to secure several job offers after using our services, such as offers from: National Institute of Science, Department of Defense, and National Institutes of Health.

I had been looking for employment for over a year and had sent out almost 76 applications to various industries. When I didn’t hear back from a single recruiter, I hired Employment BOOST Resume Service in hopes they could help make my resume more appealing to recruiters. (I had the experience for many of the jobs I was applying to but my layout and presentation of that experience and skills wasn’t attracting anyone’s attention). Before making any payments, I tried the Free Resume Evaluation Service provided by Employment BOOST and got a response within hours. I was surprised to see that my resume actually scored much lower than I had thought (given I update it often and it is very detailed). The words I was using were also not words that a recruiter’s computers and search engines would pick up. After the free evaluation, I knew I had to get my resume professionally looked at and fortunately, I was assigned Kristin Scarth who made my 4 page resume fit on a single sheet of paper while increasing its visual appeal as well. Kristin got started on my resume immediately and I had a draft in a day and the final copy in two days! She also added a free cover letter, thanks Kristin! Since getting my resume updated, I have been accepted to virtually every job I’ve applied for (and some of these positions I didn’t even think I would get but I applied to anyway)! I have been offered jobs at National Institute of Science, Department of Defense, and National Institutes of Health (to name a few). I am so glad I got my resume updated and am now working with Employment BOOST to get my family member’s resumes updated, too!

Zainab H

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