3 Things You Need to Know About Outplacement for Software & Technology Companies

In 2020 every industry saw the dynamics between employers and employees change overnight from the acceleration toward digital transformation to the increased flexibility of a mobile, remote workforce. These changes have been carried over into 2021 where a delicate balance between the recent empowerment of labor forces through more geographic-independent opportunities combined with a talent shortage spanning industries has complicated the relationship between employees and employers. While this is true, information technology (IT) and software as a service (SaaS) companies have been dealing with a similar situation for quite some time.

Macroeconomic shifts, industry-specific developments, internal restructuring, and competitive disruption are core facets of navigating the tech space as both an employer and an employee. In fact, tech companies (SaaS specifically) had the most turnover as recently as 2017 with a 13.2% rate according to data gathered from LinkedIn. This means that alongside a talent shortage, there has already been a longstanding tension reflected by high turnover rates and a focus on increased compensation in the industry.

Due to the confluence of these factors, it means that outplacement services for SaaS and IT companies are more valuable than ever. These services are often provided for all transitioning employees, on the condition they accept the proposal. The company at that point would fully cover the cost of the determined package which could include the following: resume writing services, mock interviews, job search advice, career planning, LinkedIn profile updates, and a variety of additional avenues for support. The benefits of outplacement and career transition are myriad for both employers and employees, but when choosing a provider here are the three things you should consider:

Employer Branding

There are a multitude of scenarios that can result in employees losing their positions. But, upon their departure, it is critical to protect those relationships with the company through Outplacement Services for SaaS and IT-focused personnel. Regardless of employment duration and tenure, those employee’s importance as brand ambassadors and even potential customers down the road is incomparable. Additionally, allowing employees to exit the organization without a commitment to transitional support exposes the company brand a reputation across social media platforms and Glassdoor, ultimately harming talent acquisition in the future.

Moreover, not only does it maintain the company’s reputation and keep remaining employee morale uplifted by signaling a commitment to the wellbeing of individuals, but it offers invaluable consultation and preparation to support displaced employees at a critical juncture. Further, unlike the inflexibility of outplacement services in the past, the modern career transition is designed to accommodate the needs of each organization and its employees, delivering a unique and personalized experience from the first point of contact and beyond.

Tech-Focused Outplacement Services

With the way technology has transformed the job market not just in the last twenty years, but even in the last twenty months, outplacement services for SaaS companies need to reflect the times and be able to leverage these new innovations.

The former rigidity of Outplacement service delivery and one-size fits all transition methods have given way to a complete digital optimization offering more consumer-focused and technically agile models.  The goal of this transition is to meet adversely impacted employees where they are, and provide an accommodating experience that addresses their individual concerns, skillsets, and professional aspirations moving forward. Providing an adaptable service is critical to properly supporting the career transition of employees.

So, what does this look like? Outplacement companies are now offering a range of innovative solutions to facilitate services through online career coaching, video interview practice, resume reviews, and digital branding assessments. These tools allow all the involved parties to foster an environment of trust and build key relationships, in addition to guaranteeing engaging and high-impact services.

Outplacement Services As An Employee

At the end of the day, outplacement services for SaaS and IT personnel can aid the employer brand and support long-term talent management, but the true focus of the services should all still be centered on the same idea: helping the former employee. The best way to do this is through outplacement services for SaaS and IT that understand both the industry, but also the most up-to-date job search practices and can provide consultative expertise that delivers results. A successful and comprehensive Outplacement organization will address all these aspects, and provide strategies that equip departed employees with the necessary skillsets and knowledge to navigate new terrain and find success in the job market.


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