Fine-Tuning Your Professional, Educational Brand

Defining responsibilities as an educator can seem straightforward at first, immediately noting lesson planning, classroom behavior management, and professional development as the core competencies. Additionally, the heightened focus on standardized assessments and Common Core curriculum can lead to the assumption that all future employees are looking for is test scores and adherence to learning objectives and the resume is complete. The extensive responsibilities of educators have always been there, but now more than ever districts are searching for individuals who can quite literally do it all. The positive aspect of this statement is that teachers already do it all, it is now a matter of properly highlighting that throughout a standard resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV). The information below helps to clarify the foundational aspects of a high-performing education resume, and the benefits of developing a CV depending on your specific career path.

Standard Education Resume – Key Experience and Specialized Skillsets

School districts are looking specialized and inclusive classroom leaders and campus staff that can support student learning and development in more ways than strict academic measurements. With an emerging trend of Tier 1 or Tier 2 special needs students enrolled in the regular education classroom, it is of dire importance to highlight a robust ability for adhering to individualized learning plans, such as IEPs and 504s, while continuing to uphold the general curriculum. Throughout the resume, showcase your capability of meeting the students where their needs lie, while achieving lesson plan objectives. To provide a specific example, speak to a time when there was a need to balance support meetings and lesson alterations for one specific student in your general education classroom. This ability is something that takes a great deal of patience, flexibility, and adaptability, and is what will place you miles ahead of the other position applicants.

Subsequently, showcasing a commitment to providing a culturally competent, authentic, and inclusive education has proven invaluable over the last decade. With students recognized as the catalyst for prioritizing equal representation in the classroom, this capability has become a non-negotiable for many districts. Specific ways to emphasize experience are describing lesson plans developed to celebrate different cultures, methods used to ensure instruction of literature that speaks to all student backgrounds, and a demonstration of sensitivity when teaching diverse topics. Highlight that you are not just committed to teaching the curriculum, but teaching a curriculum that is best for the students.

Although there is a notable decrease in the use of standardized tests such as the ACT of SAT as a determining factor for college entry, these assessments remain a key component throughout a student’s educational path. An effective resume displays a teacher’s efforts towards preparing students to succeed and may include specific metrics, such as percentage of students meeting or exceeding average exam scores. Specifically in the public-school sector, assessment scores can be a common pain point for districts, so emphasizing a track record of accurately instructing students on exam best practices and receiving scores that can boost overall district performance and ratings is a sure-fire route to securing a new position.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) – Why and When to Start Building

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a document like the standard resume but reinforces a focus of professional development performed outside of the classroom. This style it typically used for medical professionals and higher-education career paths and is an excellent method for highlighting publications, completed studies, awards, and affiliations. As an educational career progresses, especially for those looking to break into higher academia and research roles, displaying these achievements will be imperative to landing the desired role. As soon as you begin your career in education, start gathering information for a CV. Once you have a handful of professional accolades, it’s time to start developing the document. Think of this as a portfolio for academic professionals. This form should be updated regularly as you progress throughout tenure, and will an indispensable tool for landing an esteemed academic position.


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