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“Fortune 500 Relocation Could End A Career”


Client Goal

One client worked at a Fortune 500 company for more than a decade. Without much notice, he found out that they were moving a large portion of his division 2000 miles away and he would lose his job if he doesn’t relocate. He wants an executive resume service to help him find a new local job so that he doesn’t have to move his family. He also has one other option and that is to bid for a very lucrative position within his current company, but it was nearly impossible to land.

Situations To Overcome

  • Design a modern, executive resume for a competitive market
  • Also design the resume to bid for the internal job posting
  • He hasn’t interviewed in more than a decade, so his interviewing skills are rusty
  • Skills are very focused in one department and he doesn’t want to get pigeonholed or not considered for other job opportunities because of this.


Employment BOOST leveraged their vast and real-time market knowledge of how the executive hiring committee and board of directors view executive resumes. The client also leveraged our Executive Career Management Agency’s coaching services to help navigate internal hiring processes and large corporation politics.

  • Designed a modern executive resume to show that he is a rising star
  • Limited the resume to a certain date to help mitigate ageism issues
  • Leveraged the individual’s amazing skills in the executive summary
  • The ECM Agency coached him 1 on 1 to deal with interviews at new companies along with helping him navigate complex, multi-person interviewing steps within his current company 


Our client used his new resume to apply at 3 local executive jobs and received 3 interviews resulting in a 100% interview rate. But most importantly, through leveraging all of our services he landed a new role within his current Fortune 500 company where he could continue his climb to the top without relocating his family.


“Dear James,


             What an amazing ride this has been. My family and myself wanted to thank you, Employment BOOST, and the ECM Agency team for everything you have done for us. Employment BOOST is the best executive resume writing service I have ever hired. While I was confident that with my tenure and masters degree that somehow everything would work out once we found out we had to move, I never thought my family would be able to stay here and I would gain one step up the ladder. The executive resume service really showed me how a resume should look in today’s new world, which was far from how I was taught. Most importantly the coaching helped me manage all the different personalities and politics and I honestly believe it helped me land my dream job. As you know I have already referred 6 people to Employment BOOST and I will continue to do so. Please stay in touch and best wishes to you and your family.


Larry L. , New York ”


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Client Success Manager
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