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The hospitality industry was one of the first to suffer the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and its return to pre-pandemic business is closer to a marathon than a race. The hospitality industry lost 3.1M jobs in the early days of lockdown, with displaced staff representing 33% of total unemployment.

After 16 months of loss and uncertainty, employees have had ample time to reflect on their lives and their jobs. The resulting wave of voluntary separations has been dubbed “The Great Resignation” and is indicative of a broader cultural shift with regards to work-life balance. Put simply, employees want to be happy, and they are not afraid to leave a job or switch industries to find that fulfillment.

This economic uncertainty combined with new mental health priorities presents an age-old question to job seekers with roots in the hospitality industry: should I stay, or should I go?

The Case for Hospitality

The five-year outlook for the hospitality industry forecasts good news. Rising vaccination rates are key to unlocking lodging business, and the growing push for vaccinations in the US will reflect positively on bottom-line margins. Not only that, but the new emphasis on mental health will bolster sales as a result of more frequent vacations and staycations. For job seekers willing to play the long game, the hospitality industry is a promising option.

While hotels are adding 200K job openings in the coming months, an AHLA report shows that the industry isn’t expected to reach pre-pandemic capacity until 2023. Roles are becoming increasingly competitive as multiple job seekers vie for the same position. A great resume is crucial to standing out from the pack and landing an interview.

In order to succeed, one must take the time to research and develop an exceptional resume that showcases their skills, accomplishments, and relevant qualifications. For job seekers who don’t have that time, hospitality resume writing services can do the research and writing on their behalf. Hospitality resume writing services leverage recruiter-approved, data-driven techniques to craft resumes that meet the goals of each candidate. If you are looking to apply for roles in the hospitality industry, hospitality resume writing services can provide industry-specific advice and feedback to maximize your chances of securing an interview.

Industry Switches

Job seekers looking to stay in hospitality aren’t the only candidates facing steep competition: those looking to transition out of the industry should expect the same phenomenon. It is not always easy to make an industry switch, and it becomes even more difficult when so many other candidates are doing the same. With that said, a career transition out of hospitality is more than possible with the correct strategy in place.

First, job seekers must find out how and why their hospitality experience makes them a good candidate for other roles. Hospitality resume writing services can assist with identifying and articulating transferable skills. “Because much of the terminology in the hospitality industry is internal, job seekers can struggle to describe their responsibilities and accomplishments in a way that applies to other industries,” says William Ratliff of Employment BOOST. Ratliff’s team, which specializes in hospitality resume writing services, has helped many professionals crack the code. “A qualified hospitality resume writing service can translate this jargon into key terms that significantly improve your resume’s performance – and your chances of getting an interview.”

Ultimately, it is up to each and every job seeker to decide which path is best for them. For those who are still unsure of which direction to go in, hospitality resume writing services are a great option. By partnering with a firm with expertise in hospitality resume writing services, you can be confident that you are setting yourself up for success – your way.


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