How To Effectively Communicate Work from Home Experience On A Resume

It is no secret that after almost two years of quarantines and stay-at-home orders, the workforce has gotten used to, and begun to enjoy the transition to working from home. As career service professionals the influx of clients looking to obtain a new role that allows remote work has been an emerging trend that is hard to ignore. So how does one communicate their professional brand in a way that positions them to receive an offer that meets or exceeds their professional expectations as far as seniority, pay scale, and growth opportunity from the comfort of their own homes? According to Indeed, it’s simple: build a resume that reflects telecommunication experience, a robust sense of independence, and a proven record of meeting deadlines and requirements within a self-regulated environment.

The Importance of Emphasizing – Telecommunications Experience

As many have experienced, working from home presents a requirement of being able to build and maintain client relations, workforce culture, marketing and brand development strategies, and revenue bolstering initiatives solely through virtual outlets. Although the large transition was motivated by a global health crisis, executive leadership did not hold back on maintaining the expectation for sustaining enterprise success and growth, causing the working class to get creative when it came to pushing out new ideas for the areas listed above. Whether you have been working from home or not, if the goal is to acquire a remote role the resume has to prioritize highlighting the ways in which telecommunications were used to further business objectives. Including multi-modal client relationship-building strategies, e-commerce development tactics, and a mastery of facilitating virtual meetings, contract negotiations, and informational meetings is key to expressing an adept skillset required to succeed in remote positions.

The Importance of Emphasizing – A Robust Sense of Independence

Throughout researching remote roles, an apparent theme for ideal candidates is an ability to independently succeed without constantly being surrounded by others in a professional space. It is proven that surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals with similar goals to achieve can assist in propelling your own professional success, so being able to maintain that without the surrounding motivation is a key skillset to highlight when going after that work from home role. Hiring managers are looking for candidates who can resist the urge to be distracted by factors in their home environments and stay motivated, even though their cozy couches are just a few steps away. Mention the big wins you achieved on your own because of your own professional drive, mention innovative changes that have been implemented as a result of your personal ability for critical thinking. Although there is undoubtedly an important behind highlighting an ability to be a team player, creating a work from home resume is the time to brag about your ability to curate success independently.

The Importance of Emphasizing – Self-Regulated Project Completion & Deadline Management

Along the lines of showcasing independence, it is equally important to reinforce your mastery of self-regulation and time management in support of project completion and strict deadline adherence. A remote working environment does not allow for slack with turning in work by the required timeline. Companies are looking for employees and leaders that showcased an ability in effective self-delegation that results in maintain deadlines without the constant monitoring that comes with working in an office space. When writing the resume, include key words, alongside task descriptions, such as organized, efficient, flexible, adaptable, self-motivated, independent, dependable, etc., to appeal to applicant tracking systems that are recruiting for remote opportunities. The key words, among many others, can be located within the job description and showcase your ability to be self-sufficient from the comfort of your home.

Working from home is the new preference for a large population of the working class on the heels of forced transition. Writing a resume that highlights the following attributes is the key to beating out candidates that are still presenting themselves as more suitable for an office environment.


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