Top 3 Career Tips & Jobs Advice From Hit TV Show Superstore

From ammo to art supplies, pharmaceuticals to photographs, and kids toys to career advice, Cloud 9 has it all. Whether you’re a Dinah, Amy, Jonah, or Cheyenne, you can utilize these Superstore tips to advance your professional career. Before you do that, though, it looks like one of the raccoons has gotten loose in the Bedding department again – if you see a customer, tell them it’s an animatronic!

You’ve got to have chutzpah

Jonah knows a thing or two about being annoying, and he also knows that sometimes, you have to navigate the fine line between assertive and obnoxious to get what you want.

While we don’t recommend asking for a pay raise immediately after hitting your regional manager with a golf cart, Jonah’s advice is sound when applied correctly and with tact. You are your own best advocate in the workplace, and a little bit of chutzpah can be a valuable tool when negotiating in your career.

If you are pursuing a promotion or raise, it is important that you make this intention known to your leadership team. Before doing so, however, you must develop a strategic plan to approach the conversation. Take some time to think about your accomplishments with the company, and document metrics whenever possible to highlight your big wins. This will help show why you are deserving of the raise you are asking for.

Talk your manager about your goals with the company and ask about next steps that you can take to achieve them. Be open to constructive criticism about your performance – not only is this an opportunity to advance your own professional skillsets, but it will also demonstrate that you are a flexible team player that can synthesize and apply feedback.

Finally, remember that an immediate “yes” is not always feasible – more often than not, the process for a promotion or raise can take weeks if not months. In the meantime, establish yourself as a leader in your workplace. You can improve your visibility to management teams by participating in team and culture building events – or even proposing new ones! This will help you get noticed in your workplace. An added benefit? By attending these events, you are also expanding your professional network and building new relationships that could lead to potential references down the line.

If you can’t be a Glenn, find one

Glenn is, in our humble and unwavering opinion, the heart of Cloud 9. Although he struggles with boundaries, Glenn consistently puts his employees first – and he makes sure that they know it. Throughout the show’s progression, nearly every employee turns to Glenn in their time of need. Whether the Cloud 9 team is willing to admit it or not, Glenn is an invaluable coach, mentor, and cheerleader for his staff. 

For better or for worse, not every workplace has a Glenn. Even so, finding a mentor with similar qualities is key to your professional success. 97% of employees with a mentor consider them to be valuable, and mentees are five times more likely than their counterparts to receive a promotion. A good mentor will support your professional development and open doors that might have previously been closed. When Amy considers pursuing a management role in the company, Glenn is overjoyed to lend his assistance. Not only does he write her a glowing recommendation for her management training program, but he offers additional coaching and direct managerial insights to help her stand out from other candidates. When somebody like Glenn gives you advice, it’s best to listen – and always remember to check your purchase orders seven times before submitting them.

Rely on your teammates and practice empathy

Chances are, your colleagues are just as colorful as the team at Cloud 9. While you may not always get along with the people in your workplace, it is crucial to practice empathy. You and your team members all have the same goal and working together is the best way to achieve that. It can be easy to get frustrated when you feel as though your colleagues aren’t taking the same initiative that you are, but it is also important to remember that your coworkers may be dealing with stress that you might not know about.

If you’re feeling resentment building into a potential conflict, take a breath and think about your options. If Sandra can empathize with Carol, then you can empathize with a potentially overwhelmed colleague.

Finally, cherish the moments you have with your work family. Things may get dramatic, messy, or downright diabolical, but your colleagues are the only other people who know how it feels to work in your department. No matter what, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Oh, and always take precautions when operating a meat slicer.


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