What Is The Goal Of Outplacement Services?

Outplacement services are when a company that is laying off employees contracts an outside agency to provide a suite of support services to the outgoing employees. Such services might include resume writing, interview preparation, and LinkedIn overhauls, among many others. The ultimate goal of outplacement services is to help the former employees find new roles, preferably sooner than later. On a more concrete basis, outplacement services seek to provide resources, tools, documents, and support that empower the former employees in their job searches and helps them secure interviews that then lead to employment.

Empowering Employees Through Outplacement

One of the main objectives of outplacement services is to empower and inform the new job seekers. This is best done through extensive coaching sessions spanning job search advice, career planning, and interview preparation. By delivering best practices regarding the modern job search and interview processes, the candidates will be much more ready to enter the application process, find positions that interest them, and excel in interviews than if they didn’t receive outplacement services. These resources are particularly impactful for outplacement clients, some of whom might have been at their current role or company for many years, during which job search and interview practices changed drastically. If the outplacement services do their jobs correctly, the candidates will be armed with the knowledge to find their next long-term position.

Resume Writing Services

Outplacement services also seek to provide the employees with the actual documents necessary for job applications, including resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, and more. In those cases, the outplacement company will have professional, certified resume writers who speak with the employees to determine their achievements, skills, and future goals to build a resume that best encompasses all those factors. Even if a candidate knows how to find jobs, and how to get interviews, they’ll need a resume to submit to actually obtain the interview. Support documents such as cover letters and thank you letters are important as well, especially regarding saving time in the application process.

Navigating the Modern Job Search

Another crucial goal of outplacement services is less tangible – it’s to bring confidence to the outgoing employees and put them in the right state of mind to re-enter the job search. Getting laid off can be extremely difficult to handle mentally and emotionally, and that’s not even factoring in the pressure of getting a new job to pay the bills and put food on the table. Certified career coaches can provide that emotional support by informing the candidates that they’re not alone in their efforts and that they truly do have the skills needed to find new roles. Even a brief pep talk from a professional can make all the difference, much less continued support and positive reinforcement.

Having a constant support group from the outplacement company is also hugely important for the candidates on a more tangible basis. If they’re struggling with interviews, they can reach out for further tips or advice. If they aren’t hearing back at all, they can adjust their resume or target their job search differently. Knowing that people are available as a resource to contact regarding any questions pertaining to the job search, application, or interview process can be calming and relieve stress and pressure.

Comprehensive outplacement services seek to do many things – provide updated documents, deliver extensive coaching and resources on the job search, and be a source of support for months at a time. Combining all these together into one seamless experience with a team of professionals can make all the difference for the outgoing employees, facilitating their acquisition of new jobs and ability to move forward with their careers.


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